Internet Bingo Laws in UK

The laws concerning internet bingo in UK are of course not the most exciting thing to read about Bingo. However, they play a vital role in ensuring that online bingo players can enjoy the game without any worry about the trustworthiness and security of the site. As a player it is essential that you know about these laws and how they can affect you ask a bingo player. Internet Bingo Laws in UK are enacted at The Gambling Act 2005. The rules govern remote bingo gambling or the umbrella of online bingo which is otherwise known as ‘remote gambling’.

According to the Act, any website that wishes to advertise any bingo game in UK should be based in a ‘whitelisted’ country which should be approved. As bingo websites are controlled and regulated by rules of the country they are based, a country can only be approved if it has enacted strict gambling laws which conform with UK internet bingo laws. This is essential as it ensures that all the UK bingo players enjoy a peace of mind when playing at these sites. Internet bingo laws in UK require that such countries satisfy certain items as highlighted here below.

Internet bingo laws in UK aim at ensuring that bingo playing is conducted fairly by the operators. Also, the laws only require UK players to play in sites operated by countries that do not use bingo sites as a source of disorder and crime and not to support crime either. The country should also show that gambling activities offered do not affect children and other vulnerable members of the society. Besides all these, internet bingo laws in UK aim at ensuring that operators of bingo sites are subject to laws on financial probity and money laundering.

UK laws on internet bingo also require that operators of the sites make the games available in English. All the players can claim any winnings they earn within a set period of time. If any disputes arise between the players and bingo sites, appropriate authorities can be contacted to have them resolved. Besides the general laws on Internet Bingo contained in the 2005 Act, online bingo sites also have their own regulations as well which players can easily access. While the terms vary from one bingo site to another, players are advised to go through them before they sign up at any bingo site.