Cassino Card Game - Italian Labyrinth

Cassino card game (the name Casino is also used) is an Italian origin fishing card game. The game is performed with 2, 3 or 4 players divided in two partnerships (sometimes 5 players may participate the game).

The Cassino card game was considered to be the only Italian card game which entered the English-speaking world (in the U.S. via Italian immigrants actually) and became the popular one in the 19th century America.

The game is performed with a standard deck of cards and the man object of the Cassino is to score 21 total points by fishing up the displayed cards on the table.

Cassino Card Game Mechanics

The game process starts with a dealer deliver 4 cards for each player (2 at a time) and 4 more cards placed face up on the table. In addition the dealer may deal any number of cards at a time for a player and in the subsequent deals he/she replenishes the hand of a player, but not the cards of the table.

The deal order rotates only after the full deck is exhausted.

The actual play presents the next sequence:

  • Each player, beginning with next left to the dealer, plays a single card at a time and thus perform the following actions:
  • Trailing - the player discards one of his cards face up on the table;
  • Pairing - the player uses his cards to take one card or more from the table with the same denomination or the same value;
  • Combining - the player uses his number card in order to take 2 or more cards form the table whose value total is equal to pip of a card which is used by a player. E.g. the player may take a 2 and a 5 with a 7, or take a 4, 2 and a 3 with a 9.
  • Building - may be performed in two ways: first is the player puts one of his cards on the top of the card on the table in case of their total is equal to the total of the another card in his/her possession. Then he/she announces that the cards are built, actually to the total. E.g. the player's 3 and table's 5 may be built into 8 and announced as a building eight in the case of player has 8 in his hand. From now these cards are taken as a single 8 only.

    This variant of a build may be taken in by any participant of a game by using pairing or combining. E.g. the player may intake the building eight and on Ace via combining if he/she has a 9.

    Also the continue build of a build card is possible. E.g. the building five may be built in 9 if the player has 9 and 4; as well the re-build is possible if the player has the appropriate cards.

    The second way of a build is called the natural build and it's performed in case of the player puts his card on top of the table card with the same value and announces that these cards are built together. E.g. it may be 6 and 6 with another 6 on the player hands, or the 6 placed on the 2 and 4 which are built in building six.

    Cassino card game round ends when the stock is over. Players count their intakes in the following way:

  • Higher card numbers - 3 points;
  • Higher spades numbers - 1 point;
  • Ten of diamonds - 2 points;
  • Two of spades - 1 point;
  • Aces - 1 point;
  • The board clearing - 1 extra point.
  • Thus 11 points total is available for all the gamers to get during the one particular round.