Crazy Eights Card Game

The Crazy Eight game is the next shedding card game to be considered. This game variant is played with 2 up to 7 players and the object is to be the first among them to discard the hand. The 52-card regular deck form the shoe for 5 players max participate the game and the 104 cards are used to carry out more than 5 players gameplay.

The game was quite popular in 1970's schools and it requires skills and communication of players. Usually the game process doesn't take long to be finished.

Crazy Eight Game Rules

  • The players are delivered with 8 cards each;
  • The remained cards form the central face down pile;
  • The top card of the central pile is placed face up and thus starts the round;
  • The player whose turn to act is - must match the face up card rank or suit;
  • If the player failed to match the face up card and does not possess the 8 then he/she draws the cards from the central pile until he/she gets an appropriate card to proses the playing;
  • If the player places any 8, then he is able to choose the suit for a next player to play.
  • In order to understand the game sequence and mechanics better we will consider the following example.

    The 7 of clubs is played and thus the next player can:

  • Play other 7's;
  • Play other clubs;
  • Play any 8 and announce the suit for a next player;
  • Play a joker and the next player chooses any card to play;
  • Draw from a central pile in order to find appropriate card (any 7, club, joker, 8).
  • Crazy Eight Scoring

    The scoring procedure is depending on the value of special cards which are stayed in the opponents' possession after the winner discards his own hand.

    Usually the 8's values 50 points, face cards value 10 points and the spot cards value the pip ranks. These rounds are awarded to the player who discards the hand first of all and thus becomes a winner of a round.

    The whole game winner is the person who reaches the specific amount of total points. Usually it is:

  • 100 points for 2 players;
  • 150 points for 3 players;
  • 200 points for 4 players;
  • 250 points for 5 players;
  • 300 points for 6 players;
  • 350 points for 7 players.
  • Not out of place to mention that the Crazy Eights game possesses the great deal of intra-game variations with their specific features and rule shifts.