Concentration Card Game - Be on Alert!

Concentration card game (also you may find Memory, Pelmanism, Pexeso or Pairs) is a matching card game type activity. In addition this game is considered to be the educational one (for children especially) plus stimulating and challenging for adults.

The main purpose of the Concentration card game is to turn up cards matching as pairs. The game may be performed by any number of players and all of them will train their memory skills via this activity no doubt.

Concentration Card Games Rules

The Concentration card game possesses the next simple rules and mechanics:

  • The standard 52-card deck form the Concentration card game shoe;
  • All the cards are placed face-down usually in 4 rows which consist of 13 cards for sure;
  • Turn by turn the player chooses 2 cards and turn them up;
  • If the showed cards possess the same rank and color - then the player wins this pair and proceeds playing;
  • If the showed cards possess the different ranks and/or colors - then they are placed face-down back and the turn passes to the next participant;
  • The Concentration card game process ends when the last pair is revealed;
  • The final count of pairs shows the results of the game and announces the winner.
  • In addition, the Concentration game may be performed as a solitaire activity - just for fun or following the score. In the last case - the number of non-matching revealed cards is tracked and thus the object of the game is to free the table in the fewest turns' number.

    Game Variations

    The game under consideration possesses lots of variants, usually created by players who wanted to improve and vary the standard gameplay. Let's watch through the next list of intra-game variations:

  • Any color: the regular Concentration card game variant which possesses even more simple rules than the original one. Thus the players should match only ranks to form a pair and do not take the color of the pairs into consideration;
  • Zebra: the cards with the same ranks but with the opposite colors (red-black) may form the pair;
  • One Flip: The player who created the pair successfully doesn't make the next turn and passes it to a next player;
  • Spaghetti: the Concentration game variant which has the equal rules with standard one except one little treat - the face-down cards are placed randomly, not in rows;
  • Two decks: two 52-card decks form the shoe in order to prolong the gameplay. The pairs are formed with the cards which are totally equal. Etc.