Casino Games Classification

  • Card games
  • Card games are the most popular category. The majority of games of this kind are also played for centuries in real casinos. However, in the online world, some weird variations of cards games were developed, some of them being really popular. There are games like poker, where you are competing with other players, and the casino only takes a fixed part of the money as a commission, or games played against the dealer, where the casino applies the house edge. Blackjack is one of those games. Don't be scared about the house edge, as you could win some serious money from this game.

  • Dice games
  • There are huge controversies concerning the oldest kind of game ever played. Some people are claiming that table games were played since Antique China, while others are saying that dice games were played by Romans since the year 1000 BC. One thing is for certain: dice games are an old category of casino games, being popular even today. The rules are changed, the craps table gained a professional aspect, and the winning possibilities for players are increased.

  • Table games
  • Although not all the table games can be considered casino games, the category is popular. The star of table games is certainly the roulette, as this game challenges the title of the most popular casino game ever played online. As for online table games, even if the pool or the snooker game can't be considered casino games, every live casino must host at least a few tables.

  • Slots games
  • The popularity of slots games is a mystery for casino analysts. The games are simple to play, they won't require any special knowledge, and they might be considered boring by some players. Slots games imply hitting a button, leaving the calculation part to the casino's software. However, the slots games are usually connected to some huge progressive jackpots, and this might be the reason for the game's popularity. Video pokers resemble games to slots. Although some players are considering them a separate category of games, the basic principles, and the winning chances are somewhat the same.

    Fun and real money playing

    You should understand the fun side of casino playing. If you are getting in this game thinking about becoming a millionaire, you might be disappointed. If you are only looking for fun, you will discover a thrilling and enjoyable world with many games available. Once you mastered a certain game on the free version, you might think about switching to real money playing for some consistent rewards.