British Bingo Nicknames

Callers of the numbers have been rationally practicing the numbers with rhyme nicknames, such as the number three has nickname of “Cup of tea” Sometimes callers name the nicknames of the number and the players tell the numbers or callers call the actual numbers and the players tell the poetic nicknames. The numbers in the bingo game have nicknames. Each number from 1 to 90 has several nicknames and some of them are created tens of years ago. Here are the sample bingo numbers with their nicknames:

The numbers - The Nicknames

1 - “Kelly’s eye”

2 - “Me and You”

3 - “Cup of tea”

4 - “Knock at the door”

5 - “Man alive”

6 - “Chopping sticks”

7 - “Lucky seven”

8 - “She is always late “

9 - “Doctor’s orders”

10 - “Uncle Ben”

11 - “Chicken legs”

12 - “One and two – a dozen”

13 - “Unlucky for some”

14 - “Valentines day”

15 - “Young and keen”

16 - “Sweet sixteen”

17 - “Dancing queen”

18 - “Now you can vote”

19 - “Goodbye teens”

20 - “Getting plenty”

They go up to the number 90. It makes the bingo game more fun and people get excitement from the game via the poetic nickname callings. Some of the very funny while some represent a deep meaning related to the number. There is no one definite list of the nicknames of the bingo game. As of time passes the nicknames are updated to catch up with the modern time. An online bingo games do not use nicknames anymore. Thus, the future trends of the nicknames of bingo number are steadily decreasing. The online computerized bingo has faster draws and many bingo clubs do not call nicknames anymore to avoid the confusion and due to the reason that new generation do no know the nicknames. Also, when the bingo club is crowded some terms or nicknames might be used in an ordinary talk and it also produced confusion. It is better to use actual numbers in such crowded and noisy rooms. Some clubs around the world have created their own nicknames and give the list to the players before the game starts. Bingo games is considered to be gambling and the age requirement for several countries is 18 or above, while some might require 21 or above age for legally playing the bingo game. In contrast, many Islamic countries have totally banned the game, since it is prohibited in their culture to play any kinds of gambling games.