Variations of Bingo Games

As Bingo evolved over the years, the game resulted to several variations which put some degree of difficulty. Bingo has more than 10 game variations and counting. Here are 5 of them

  1. Bingo Bonanza: This involves 43 pre-drawn numbers at the start of the bingo session. The numbers can be odd or even numbers and usually these numbers are drawn from a pop-out machine and players mark their cards accordingly; and at a certain time, the person calling out the number, simply called a Caller, asks if somebody has already hot bingo; if not, caller draws one ball and calls it out. The caller will do the same process until someone shouts Bingo! This version is a progressive version because if no one shouts bingo and no more balls can be drawn out and a new game will be started, the prize on the next game will also increase.
  2. Quick Shot Bingo: In this variation, numbers are pre-drawn where the players buy the sealed bingo tickets being matched to the pre-drawn numbers. If the player achieves the required pattern, the player wins and the winnings are based on what is on the prize table. Other versions of this game are played until the player achieves the top level prize and a fresh set of numbers are drawn and a new game begins. This is the kind of bingo variation that can be played over long periods – days, weeks, months – depending on the degree of difficulty in achieving the top level prize.
  3. Facebook Bingo: This game is totally different from traditional bingo on the sense that Facebook Bingo features power-ups giving each player the advantage to win the game if they play using the said power-ups. And players have the ability to buy, collect, and share virtual items with friends using the Facebook platform. The ability to share and exchange items, though virtual, gives a sense of community which may not be present in some online bingo websites.
  4. Horse Racing Bingo: This game has 15 players who were issued random numbers from 1 to 15 which are matched with the top row numbers on the Bingo flashboard. Numbers are drawn, just like the traditional bingo, and whoever has completed all five drawn numbers in their column wins. This game is fast-paced making it very exciting; and this version is usually played in fraternities or fraternal organizations.
  5. U-Pick'Em Bingo: This is the most common bingo variation. 2 players are permitted to monitor two numbers for a win. This variation is more like Keno, a Chinese game predating the Han Dynasty.