Asshole Card Game - Game for Fun

Asshole card game (less commonly you may find President, Kings and Assholes, Kings, Scum(bag), Capitalism etc.) is considered to the Americanized variant of the Japanese Daifugō/Daihinmin activity. The game process offers a 3 or more players to play with a regular 52-card deck of French origin.

The aim of the Asshole card game is to discard the own hand first. The way is always the same - to play progressively stronger cards in comparison with the cards of the previous player.

The President is the person who won the previous round and thus got some advantages at the beginning of the next one (a chance to give more cards to losers). And the Asshole is the person who usually got rid of cards last of all.

In addition the game possesses two more titles:

  • VP or Vice President - the person who took the 2nd place;
  • Vice Asshole the person who is destined to the 2nd to last place.
  • Some other names and titles are possible.

    It's not out of place to mention that the Asshole card game may be taken as a drinking one as well (or even must be, dontcha thins so?).

    Asshole Card Game Rules

    Now let's consider the general principles of the game:

  • The card suits are irrelevant and the ranking is the following: 2's, A's, K's, Q's, J's, 10's, 9's, 8's, 7's, 6's, 5's, 4's, 3's;
  • The cards are dealt clockwise with all cards to be dealt (as almost in all card games);
  • After the cards are distributed, the player to dealer's left begins the round by leading one card/set of cards (of equal rank) face up. The next player must either pass or beat the previous play. E.g. the player is able to beat the previous player's two 6's with two 7's or two J's or single 6 with his 7 or J as well;
  • It's not obligatory for a player to beat the previous turn even if he/she can. The player may pass having a higher rank card as well;
  • After such a situation all the cards turned face down and just put aside. The Player 3, who was the last one to place the card - renew the game with any card/cards to turn again;
  • If those 2 Aces were the last cards of the Player 3, then the Player 4 must renew the game and place any cards of his/her;
  • Game Status

    In which turn the player has left the game - he/she gained the status (see above) accordingly. Plus each status means a score - e.g. for President position the player achieves 2 points, VP takes 1 and etc.

    For the next round the player must move their seats in accordance to their statuses. The President takes the most comfortable one; the Vice-President sits next to the left and the Asshole occupies the less comfortable sit to the President right.

    Additionally the Asshole is responsible for card shuffling and clearing. When the deal is over the Asshole must give his/her highest card to a President and to take in any of his/her in response.

    The President then starts the game with his/her turn. The game proceeds up to a player gets total points (say) 12.